How many times have you found yourself not to be able to listen to any music you want? It happens to numerous people around the globe, and yet, they don't know an answer how to get everything they want. For that purpose, we have created this article. Our purpose is to help you unlock any music you want from literally any streaming device. Ready to hear the options you have? Yes, not all is lost! Take a look at our list and get what you need easily!


The first thing I would like to talk about here is definitely a Virtual Private Network. Are geo-restrictions creating you numerous 'of troubles'? Tired of all those restricted websites? You can finally forget about that, because once you start using a VPN connection, you will be finally able to 'unblock' any restricted website and of course, to get any music you need from a streaming device you want. Do you think how that is not possible? You will change your mind once you start using a Virtual Private Network.


Have you ever thought about what would be the best online free streaming music services that have no restriction? Yes, this is definitely the first one we will talk about. Further, in our list, you will hear about other free streaming music services. Yet, this one is mostly trusted among the users. You can literally understand TheSixtyOne as a Reddit for music! Besides that, you can also download all those songs you want. TheSixtyOne offers you to replay or skip songs whenever you want. Tired of trying to find some great music? Not anymore!


As I have already mentioned above, we will talk about the best online free music streaming services that will get you the possibility to enjoy all those songs you wouldn't earlier! There are no restrictions anymore. Cliggo is a Spotify alternative. Of course, we need to admit how Cliggo doesn't have such premium features you can expect to get from a Spotify, yet, you are free to create the playlists you want and of course, to save all those playlists.


Do you want to enjoy such a streaming service that is literally add-free? Yes, Jango has an answer! We all know how bothering it is to look at all those adds, but finally, you have an alternative! Here, you are completely free to search for all your favorite artists. How about searching for all those genders you like? You are free to do that too with Jango. Can you believe that playback actually continues as you browse their site? You can also skip all those songs you don't like.

Noon Pacivic

Do you want to discover obscure music? Not sure where you could be able to accomplish that? It seems like how Noon Pacific has an answer for your troubles. This site is also called a 'super-clean' website. Why? It offers a great experience for every music lover, and besides that, it won't bother you with numerous adds countless of others sites do. If you want to get a mobile app that will provide you to listen to such great music on your mobile device too, you can rely on Noon Pacific.

Overall, great music always makes everyone's day. Everything is better while listening to some great songs, right?