Below are some of the most successful managers in the music industry. A successful manager in music is rated based on the success of their artists. His main responsibilities include the following;

  • To provide advice to the artists on all aspects of their professional work and life
  • Generate opportunities and use his relationships to ensure the artist becomes successful
  • Negotiate deals on behalf of their clients
  • Help the artist select supporting team members including the staff.
  • Financial management

Based on the above main roles and others not highlighted below are some of the ten most successful managers in the music industry. By reviewing music industry statistics and new way of presenting it shows to us that this industry is just a teenager. 

10 Most Scuccessful Managers In Music Industry

  1. Scooter Braun

He is a very successful talent manager and businessman in the USA. He owns Schoolboy records and teamed up with performing artist Usher, to start Raymond Braun media group record label. The rise to fame of Justin Bieber from teen pop star to a young adult can be credited to his manager Scooter Braun. Though Justin has had bad publicity over some time now, the manager has done well in ensuring that Justin Bieber becomes a successful artist and he has done a great job.

He actually spotted Bieber’s talent on YouTube and with Usher, a very successful artist they ensured that Justin succeeds in music and he has.

Other talents that he has managed include Carly Rae Jepsen, Arian Grande, and Tori Kelly among others.

  1. Kevin Liles

Kevin founded KWL management agency and to date, he is the manager. The label is responsible for careers of successful music acts including Big Sean, Nelly, and Trey Songz among others. But the successful manager started his career at Def Jams record label where he was the manager for over six years. During that time, he saw to it that talented artists Jay-Z and Kanye West became global successful artists. He also fostered the rise to fame of Ludacris among other artists.

Having helped the above successful artists reach their high level of success which they are experiencing to date, Kevin Liles is arguably the most successful manager in the music industry.

  1. Peter Grant

Peter Grant started his career in promoting music with Don Arden. He had a successful label company and together they promoted music groups that included the Nashville teens, Jeff beck and Yardbirds band.

Yardbirds band later separated and Jimmy Page later formed another group called Led Zeppelin that was very successful and was managed by Peter grant. In fact, of all the royalties negotiated for music bands, Peter Grant’s royalty rate for this band still remains the highest. This makes him one of the most successful managers of all time.

  1. Robert Stigwood

He owns RSO records and has previously managed the successful Bee Gee-group in the sixties. Another successful artist who worked with Robert Stigwood is Eric Clapton. He has also been to the theater industry and has been a producer for a while now. Some of his film productions include Saturday night fever and Jesus Christ Superstar

  1. Troy Carter

Troy carter is the founder and director of Atom factory; a talent management company. It is also involved in film and television production. He started his career as a talent manager in the year 1995 and does it to date. Some of the artists that he has managed include the R&B successful artists John Legend, Meghan Trainor and Miguel among others. He has also previously managed Eve and lady Gaga. Due to his passion for his career and the experience he has gained over the years, it is clear that he is successful in his job.

  1. Rene Angelil

Of all the female artists, Celine Dion is arguably the all-time successful artists in R&B. Well, her manager was Rene Angelil and he sadly died last year, he played a big part in the successful career of Celine Dion. He even negotiated a deal with ceasar’s palace that pays her over ninety million dollars per year to date.

Her hit song, ‘my heart will go on ‘was the soundtrack and theme of the blockbuster movie Titanic that debuted in 1997. It won many awards as well and has been ranked as the 5th highest movie in the USA that generated lots of income.

Rene Angelil, much later married Celine and they had been together until his death last year but he left a legacy of success in Celine Dion’s musical career.

  1. Sharon Osbourne

She has managed her husband’s OzzyOusborne music careers for a while now. He is a successful singer and has been active in the music scene since 1967 to date. He is fondly known as the godfather of heavy metal. Even after he left the original Black Sabbath band, he released solo albums and won many platinum awards in the US. Sharon Ousborne has also overseen the successful musical career of their daughter Kelly Ousborne and also managed his son Jack Ousborne who is also a very successful actor.

  1. Simon Fuller

Having been an artist previously, he is one of the best managers in the music industry. Through his music and the fact that he has managed some of the most successful bands and artists make him one of the most influential persons in the world. In terms of songs, he has managed over 500 single hits to the number one spot on the billboards and over two hundred albums as well. Some of his clients include the all-girls group spice girls and Annie Lennox among others.

In addition, he is the creator of pop Idol that has been sensational in many countries including Canada, US, and Australia.

  1. Brian Epstein

He managed the successful band Beatles and they became one of the most successful artists of all time. Unfortunately, he dies an early age of 33 but his capabilities of managing music artists were impeccable. He also managed Gerry& the pacemakers, Cilla Black and the Cyrkle as well. He had a very successful career managing music talent.

  1. Joseph Jackson

Being the father of the two most successful artists in music, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, he has done well managing their careers. Some of their songs rank highly in many record books and the singers have also won many awards.