Exciting things are happening at Agapefest 2013 and the recent news that Owl City will be at the festival this spring is no exception! We, at Agapefest, are ecstatic and hope that our fans are as amped as we are for this amazing artist.
Although Owl City is considered by many to be a secular group, that is not the case. Owl City’s frontman, Adam Young, first ventured into the music scene by mixing tracks in his lonely basement and when he started gaining recognition, he thanked God alone for his success.

Most notoriously known for his single, “Fireflies,” Adam stands unparalleled in the electronica genre. Many artists in the music industry tend to keep their faith to themselves, however this talented musician makes no secret of his love for Jesus Christ. In one of his songs entitled, “Galaxies,” Adam tells a strong story of faith through his lyrics referring to God as, “…the only North Star I would follow this far…” The young musician’s lyrics also include the line: “He is the saving grace for all of the Galaxies!”

There is no doubt that Adam Young is a great musician; however, his faith in Jesus Christ, in addition to his talent, make him and Owl City the perfect equation for an Agape main stage performance. Agapefest is proud to feature Owl City this year and we hope you are as excited as we are to hear the wonderful performance they are sure to bring to the festival.