It is now possible for you to create music online through the various online music creation tools that can be found online. There are a number of online music tools that the savvy developers have come up with. These tools make it easy for you to compose music, sequence the music as well as sample and master the music. You are truly ready to make the best of tracks without the need for you to visit a music studio! All you will require is just an internet connection and a computer and you will be ready to go! Of course you will need your creativity to work with these online browser tools. Here are some of these best tools for this purpose:

Audio Tool

This is an online production tool that is free of charge. As such, you can make your music tracks online and feel as if you are suing a real production studio! One of the things you will; love about this tool is that you can choose the kind of gear to play the music with. There is the TR-909 Gear, TB-303s gear as well as the TR-808. Well, there are many others of these gears that you can use to produce your music in the best way you want. You can also customize your music and set up as well as the ability to plug cables and manually tweak knobs. You will also love the fact that you can save your music in the cloud and be able to learn more from the various tutorials available for this tool.


With Typatone, everything you type will turn every letter into sound that is beautiful to the ear. You can also switch the available instrument to suit you love. You will also love the fact that there are loads of options that you have for this purpose. You can open as many tabs as possible so that you can create a polyphonic melody that makes some nice music for you. You can type your name on Typatone to hear what it sounds like as an audio file! This online music making tool is free to use but you will need to pay 1$ for you to export the music you make.


This is a very useful tool for you to use when you are writing songs. You see, many are the times when you are not able to start writing your song until you are offered a kind of a push. This is exactly what this tool does. This tool id good when you need it to suggest chord progressions based on the mood you will select. You can choose either piano or guitar. This way, you will get a main progression and an alternative three progressions.

Audio Check

This is a tool that helps you to do audio tests that you will ever require on your music. This tool is definitely going to be useful   when you are setting up your speakers at home. You can use this toll to help you set up your speakers are all the other audio equipment you have for your home studio.

With this website, you can set up your audios and also test your acoustics for your room. You can also test your speakers and headphone stereo image. It is useful when you are testing the phase of your speakers. Finally, you can use the tool to help you test your ears as well!


It is know quite clear to you that with the many online tools available to music lovers; you can make music and do this perfectly by the use of the above online audio tools. Lack of music creation tools should never be an excuse for you not to make music online. One good thing with these tools is that most of them are free and others are affordable to you.