During music festivals, the music, the dancing and the whole thing and the atmosphere will make sure that you have the best weekend or holiday ever. However, camping can also be part of the fun and therefore, you will need to do a few things so that you can camp and feel comfortable throughout the whole process. The best way to camp and feel comfortable at music festivals is to have some few preparations such as to stay safe, clean and healthy while still having the best time of your weekend. There are some few things one will need so that you can camp and feel comfortable during the music festivals.

The necessities

You will need a quality tent that has a body composed of mesh and a rain fly for ventilation purposes. This also helps you keep dry as tents may sometimes get wet inside from leaks and also condensation. The rain fly prevents you from the condensation. Tents come in different sizes and therefore you should choose the appropriate size for you. Usually, a 2p tent is comfortable for one person and can also fit two people. However, a 3p or 4p tent is comfortable for two people while a 6p and 8p tent is good for three to four people.

You will need a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. During camping, some nights can be chilly and this is why you need a sleeping bag to keep you warm. Sleeping pads keep you off the ground and act as a cushion so that you get a good night’s sleep. One can also pack a few blankets and pillows to add to the sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

To camp and feel comfortable at the music festival, you need to find a good campsite. Look for the best place to put up your tent. Look for a place that is far from the toilets and dumping sites to avoid the bad smells and odors. Stay away from depressions. Pitch your tent below the hills to avoid the wind. Find a leveled ground and a shade to put up your tent there. To avoid floods and mud getting into your tent when it rains, you should pitch your tent on a slightly raised ground.

When you go for camping during the music festivals you should decide whether to cook or not. In most cases, festival food can be quite gross. To avoid this, you should prepare your own food. For this reason, you will need to carry camp chairs, cooler, and cooking equipment such as pan, plates, spoons and pot. Prepare food that is easy and quick to cook such as pancakes, hamburgers, and pasta.


To keep your tent safe and secure together with your belongings, you need to make it less accessible to criminals. You can do this by making it less appealing to the criminals. You can also put a luggage lock or fix a key storage locker to your car. This will keep away the criminals and the buglers. It will ensure that your items, property, and tent are safe. You should also find a secure place to hide your keys because you never know who is watching.

The camping accessories you will need

During music festivals when camping, you will need camping accessories. These include water, one gallon per day. You can store the water in water bottles. You also need baby wipes to clean your hands and use them when you visit the toilets. The baby wipes are an accessory you can’t afford to leave behind when going out for camping.

A flashlight is another accessory you need to carry for camping. A key chain size flashlight is recommended. It will help you find where your tent is after its dark and avoid you tripping over objects and other people’s tents. Other accessories you need are warm layers, contractor bags, and hand sanitizers.

You will also want some camping accessories to ensure that you are comfortable. These are accessories such as tent lights, rugs, mosquito repellants to keep away mosquitoes during the night and chairs. You will also want camp showers, Bluetooth speakers, and coolers.

Before you go camping during the music festivals, you should check out the festival site rules. Check them on their websites. This will help you learn what is to be done and what is not supposed to be done. The above points will help you camp and get comfortable during the entire period of the music festivals. It will ensure that you have the best weekend ever.