In America’s entertainment industry, plenty of movies feature popular music. Stories to be told within the industry are not limited but they are very many. However, these movies about the music industry do tell the stories in a novel way. They do this by creating characters that are very compelling and create jokes while they are still showing something good on how music is made.

Whether it’s about a specific singer or band or how the industry works, movies that feature the music industry are great and most people like them. Some of the most recent movies featuring music industry include “30 Feet From Stardom”, “That Thing You Do” and “Walk The Line”. Here are some of the best movies about music industry you can look into or watch.

  1. This Is Spinal Tap

The spinal tap movie is a movie that features the world of rock music itself. It is about a fictional hair metal band which is full of lines that can be quoted. These quotable lines go up to 11. It also has a set of pieces that make it the best option for the music fans who are searching and looking for some belly laughs.

The members of the band in spinal tap, whose characters are undermined by their own stupidity, decline in their fame and sexuality. Spinal tap ventures in the world of rock music. It is where some silly bands such as this one are given a chance to think about themselves as a piece of good art, before they get to face their downfall.

  1. Love and Mercy

This movie features a group of beach boys who formed the California band. This band created most of the emotional honest dense music of all time in the world. Brian Wilson, a former member of the movie is portrayed as mentally ill. He uses two actors to see him through two points in his life. John Cusack plays the role of a middle aged Wilson. His life changes when he gets to meet a woman who is able to free him of his depression and the abusive psychiatrist. The other actor, Paul Dano plays the role of a genius younger Wilson who made the pet sounds before he died of his mental illness. Paul Dano portrays his genius in studio in a realism manner that captures the audience’s attention.

  1. Almost Famous

Here, director Cameron Crowe chose to use them to tell a story about a teenage music writer for rolling stone. The younger writer in this movie, follows a 70s band which is a fictional one and which is almost getting to fame. In his journey, he comes across conflicts among members of the band and finds himself at the center of it all. These members despite their conflicts and differences, are able to come out with a single band named the tiny dancer. Crowe captures the 70s music through the eyes of a teenager who is new to the world of music with a story of a single band.

  1. Beyond The Lights

“Beyond the Lights” is a movie of a love story and also consists of a lot of things about the music industry. Gugu Mbatha raw plays a role of an emerging pop star who thinks of committing suicide before a romance that helps her to overcome the depression she is going through. The romance with cop Kaz also helps her learn how to let go of the wishes of the recording company which wants her to sing the songs that they write for her. Her passion is to create and sing songs that show and express how she feels.

  1. Nashville

“Nashville” features country music industry. It is about a group of characters who sing and swirl around each other in musical performances and political convictions. It represents the 1970s Americas country music.

Other best movies to watch about music industry include “Beyond The Lights”, “Inside Llewyn” “Davis”, “24 Hour Party People”, “Green Room”, “Sing Street” and “Frank”. Today, most of the best pieces of movies and cinemas have been defined by music. They can either be biopics that focus on the musical stars, films or movies with a good sound track or movies featuring musicians. To conclude, there are many ways in which music can make a difference between a good and a bad movie.