Many music artists have influenced the society over the years. There are also new artists coming up every day. Having said that, there are those musicians whose music regardless of the time it was released still influence generations to date. We are going to look at ten most influential musicians of all time. From reviews and research, the following artists have been influential since the time they started doing music to date. That is why they made it up to the top ten lists of the most influential artists.

1.Michael Jackson

He is one of the most talented artists of all time. Not only did he sing, write songs and produce them, he was also a choreographer and entertainer.

To date his album the thriller still remains the bestselling album of all time. Other albums include bad, dangerous and history which also topped the charts.

He is fondly remembered as the king of pop. Some of the huge hits that made him so famous include man in the mirror, heal the world, and they don’t care about us. In fact, he is the best entertainer of all time as per the Guinness book of records.

MJ, as he is fondly remembered, died in the year 2009, but he still remains one of the most celebrated artists. This is not only due to his music talent, but he also participated in charities and donated over three hundred million dollars. He was a humanitarian.

  1. Madonna

She may be a bit controversial but she still makes it to the top artists that are influential in the music industry. She is a singer, songwriter and an actress as well. This proves that she is a talented artist. She also has vast investments in business and these are some of the reasons why she is popular.

She is the queen of pop and has released thirteen albums throughout her career. She has other albums that have not been recorded in the studio. Guinness book of records has recorded her as the female artist with most records. Some of the albums by Madonna include true blues, like a prayer, confessions on a dance floor and rebel heart.

Reviews show that Madonna influenced some of the other lady artists including Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Lopez among other female artists including Lady Gaga.

She is influential in a controversial way though her point is to show that when you want something really bad, you can get it. Though she has been accused of being controversial and self-promoting, it worked well on her and she is influential in the music industry.

  1. Beatles

This English band from Liverpool consisted of four male artists namely John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Their genre of music was rock and they really influenced the music industry through their creative acts.  Mainly their music has a meaning and has influenced the economy, politics and social relations.

They have won many Grammy and Academy awards and still remain the best selling music in the US. Though they split up after four years, they left a legacy in that they laid the foundations for rock and pop music.

  1. Elvis Presley

He died at a young age of forty-two but he really influenced the music scene. Some of his music hits include heartbreak hotel, Jailhouse Rock and love me tender among others. He is actually referred to as the king of rock and roll. To date, he is the third highest certified music artist. He later ventured into acting and was still a successful actor especially in the movie love me tender. He influenced other successful artists including the popular Beatles, and Buddy Holly, and generally promoted black music worldwide.

  1. Bob Dylan

He is one of the most talented musicians and poet of all time. In 2016, he won the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature. The Beatles and even Elvis Presley were influenced by Bod Dylan music. Mainly his music is folk songs mainly but he also has blended rock music as well. He has touched so many other artists through his music prowess and has really influenced the lives of other artists as well as music fans.

  1. Bob Marley

He was from Jamaica though he lived in Africa and his reggae music has touched many lives. Through his music, he influenced the fans and other artists in areas of love and fighting for their rights. His calls for action in politics and social norms have influenced many lives and enhanced good human relations.

  1. Prince

Sadly he died last hear but he was popular in the music industry and as a philanthropist too. He was an American singer, songwriter and also acted in a few movies. Prince was a talented instrumentalist and played various instruments with ease. Some of his famous hits include purple rain and the most beautiful girl in the world. His impact has mainly been in the R&B music genre and hip-hop music and has been felt worldwide.

  1. Rolling stones

Formed in the year 1962, the rock band from London released a record fifty-five albums. Guinness book of records has highlighted the group as the highest paid tour that ended in the year 2007. Some of their famous hits Include paint it black, brown sugar among other hits.

  1. Elton John

Controversial Elton John has also influenced many artists and fans in the R&B music genre. His hit dedicated to the late princess Diana candle in the wind still remains his most famous hit. He is among the top ten highest certified music artists.

  1. Tupac Shakur

In the rap genre of music, he is the king. His influence was felt in his fights for human rights and especially women. He also fought for blacks rights against the government of the day and the police through his music. Having been brought up in a ghetto, this influenced his life a little though he was sent to jail in 1995 for a crime he had not committed. In a nutshell, the rap music fraternity knows that there is no better influence of all time than 2Pac.He died at the tender age of 25 but his music still lives on and continues to inspire other young artists.